Electrolytic Metallic Coating Thickness Tester Model TH-11

Necessary for Quality Control on Coating, Shipping and Acceptance Inspection, Research and Development Tools

Data Storing, Searching and Editing through communication to the personal computers

Necessary for Quality Control on Coating, Shipping and Acceptance Inspection, Research and Development Tools

Data Storing, Searching and Editing through communication to the personal computers


  • Applicable to the thickness of almost alloy metallic coating: copper, nickel, chrome, zinc, tin, silver, gold, copper-zinc alloy and tin-lead alloy, further, cadmium, electroless nickel (Ni-P), tin-zinc alloy, lead and iron using an optional suitable electrolyte
  • Readily measurement with displayed messages
  • Any error quickly displayed as a message
  • Messages available in either English or Japanese, please request as you order
  • Connectable to the personal computer to store, search, print, edit measured data and create any report in real time. Up to 50 data stored and searched on the tester alone
  • Automatically setting the gasket calibration data, calculating alloy change conversion and de-electrolytic operation
  • This tester measurement conformed to JIS H8501 and ISO 2177



  • Testing System: Limited area coulometric testing method
  • Measurement Area: Gasket-L: 10mm2Gasket-S: 5mm2
  • Thickness Range: 2.0-400.0μ m divided by 0.1 unit; 0.05-4.00μ m divided by 0.01 unit
  • Guaranteed Range: 4.0-30.0μ m divided by 0.1 unit; 0.40-2.00μ m divided by 0.01 unit
  • Measurement Accuracy: ±5%
  • Electronic Measurement Accuracy: ±0.5%
  • Measurement Rating: 0.2μ m/sec. at 0.1 unit - for Cu, Ni, Zn, Sn, Cu-Zn, Sn-Pb, Sn-Zn; 0.1μ m/sec. at 0.1 unit - for Cr, Cu/Zn, Ag, Au, Pb, Fe, Cd, Ni-P; 0.02μ m/sec. at 0.01 unit - for Cu, Ni, Zn, Sn, Cu-Zn, Sn-Pb, Sn-Zn - for all the above meterial
  • Interface: Centronics for the printer, RS232C for the personal computer
  • Power Supply: Single-phase, AC90-260V, 50/60 Hz, 35VA or less
  • Ambient Temperature: 10-40ºC
  • Weight: 2.3 kg
  • Dimensions: 250W x 215D x 110H mm

 2. PRINTER Model: THP-11 (Option)

  • System: Thermal serial dot
  • Printing items: Measurement date, plating type, substrate, configuration, coating thickness and measurement condition
  • Recording sheet: BS-80-15       80W x 15000L mm
  • Interface: Centronics
  • Power Supply: 4xLR-6 alkali battery, AC Adapter (Option)
  • Weight: 550g
  • Dimension: 135W x 180D x 60H mm
  • Printer Cable: 1.8m


  • Software Task: Data collecting, displaying, researching, printing and managing the customer work list
  • Signal Input/Output: RS232C
  • Components: CD-ROM, 1 x 1.8 m interface cable
  • Applicable personal computer: PC/AT compatible (DOS/V machine)
  • Applicable OS: Microsoft Windows 95/98 (Including Second Edition and Millennium Edition)

An example printed report

Standard Kit

  • Main Unit (TH-11) x 1
  • Stand (THS-11) x 1
  • Accessories (THA-11) x 1
  • Power Cord x 1
  • Manual x 1

Stand: THS-11 (195W x 245D x 340H mm)

ACCESSORIES: THA-11 (400W x 280D x 145H mm)

Contents: ACCESSORIES (THA-11)

  • Chemical Case: 1
  • Electrolyte: 250 mL, each 1
  • S-101 (for Cu, Ag, Cu-Zn, Sn-Pb), S-103 (for Zn), S-104 for (Cr, Sn)
  • S-105 (for Ag), S-106 (for Cr), S-107 (for Ni), S-108 (for Cu/Zn)
  • S-110 (for Sn), S-111 (for Au)
  • Peeling Agent: N-10 250mL: 1
  • Service bottle: 10, Cell-L: 1, Cell-S: 1, Gasket-L:5, Gasket-S:5
  • Stirring piece: 2 Standard thickness plate: 2
  • (Optional Electrolyte: S-102 (for Cd), S-204 (for Ni-P), S-205 (for Sn-Zn), S-206 (for Pb), S-207 (for Fe)


Apply the gasket attached to the cell to the coated surface to limit the coulometric area and inject an electrolyte suitable to the coat and substrate into the cell. Set the objective substrate in the anode and cell in the cathode. Then, apply  an accurately adjusted current to the coat to melt it. The voltage across the anode and cathode called as "coulometric voltage" is rapidly changed under such situation that the coat metal is being fully melted, results in an exposure of the substrate. The thickness of the coat is calculated from this change in the coulometric voltage and period of time from the start of the current to the end of the above change measurement.


  • In order to maintain accurate measurement for a long time, a yearly periodical maintenance including calibration should be recommended.
  • Deterioration of the backup battery leads the cease of the clock function even if the measurement circuit operation is normal. The battery should be replaced every five years at the maintenance.
  • Supplement Parts: Electrolyte - 500mL/bottle, Recording sheet (BS-80-15)-10 rolls/set


The following optional units will contribute to your measurement:

Gasket SS (Measurement accuracy: ±10%); Measurement Area: 2mm2; Diameter 1.6mm for 2mm wide object

Fixation Unit - for readily fixing round bars or bolts

Wire auxiliary device - for 0.2 to 13mm diameter wires or round bars